Food education

pleasure and responsibility in daily food choices


Slow Food believes that by understanding where our food comes from, how it was produced and by whom, adults and children can learn how to combine pleasure and responsibility in daily choices and appreciate the cultural and social importance of food.

We offer a local, natural and seasonal food cooked daily at school. A morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack is provided.


Education Programmes

Our education projects differ from most food education as they are based on the idea that food means pleasure, culture and conviviality.

Our education initiatives are organized for children as Seeds For Change Programme and Food Education School for Elementary. They take many different forms: school gardens, guided tastings, knowledge exchange between generations, practical workshops and meals with producers.

Our kitchen

Lunch and snack are daily cooked with love at the school. The morning snack is optional and consists of seasonal, local and organic fruit, or toasted kamut or rye bread spread, with a selection of spreads that provide a source of plant based protein.

Lunch includes a seasonal cream and a main dish. The mealtime is considered as a moment of learning, when children set the table and serve themselves. We use organic, local and seasonal products. Our handmade cooking is made daily without processed foods, sugar and dairy products.

Guides and children eat together. lt’s a good time to promote “grace and courtesy”. At school we reinforce with the children the ideas that they do not throw food away, they try the food and they are capable of eating by themselves”.

We are grateful to cook daily with products Lacor company, our official supplier for our amazing kitchen.