Interpreting and building the future. Certainly, there are many things as humanity that we don’t know; like will there be flying cars? how tall will the biggest skyscraper be? But it just so happens to be true that the way we see life shapes the perception we have about everything around us.

As building blocks to work with the perspective and possibilities of the world of today, we wonder about the cities of the future, how are we, as humans going to shape them? That is something we’ll cover next school year at VMS with our team @arquilecturas guiding the process.

Sonia and Silvana have been with us for the last 3 years and we are excited to continue to shape the work we live in and the one we are co-creating. Join us in the shaping of future cities and ourselves every Friday from 15.45 to 17.00.

Email to register or find out more about this and other exciting programs we offer.

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