Ecology from childhood


As we live our lives and participate in planning the supporting infrastructure of our school and local community, we strive to be mindful systems thinkers. We are members of Ecoescuelas guarantees the true understanding of sustanibilty meaning. We work through the following goals:

Waste Management Centre

Our waste is part of a closed system and understanding how to cycle it back through the environment and into our soil and food creates an authentic sense of connection to all the moving parts in our natural world. We are striving to create a closed loop system from the food forest and the gardens, to the kitchen, out to the composting pile and the grey water management system, back to our lunch plates and finally back to the composting for yet another cycle.

Food Waste

From our kitchen is sent to our composting center for recycling.

Recycling Policy

Valencia Montessori School helps students understand and be aware of their relationship with the environment. We are working together fostering a strong Community focused on recycling programs for our students throughout the year.

Water Filtration System
Recycled Water

At Valencia Montessori School we are constantly seeking solutions to meet our needs that minimize embodied energy.

Eco building construction

In order to evaluate eco-efficiency the development of the school’s conditioning works, based on the criteria of BioConstruction have been taken into account, which are detailed below: Bioclimatic, bioconstruction, environment relationship and recycled materials.