Spring Camp Program

April 11 to 14


April 11-14, 2023
From 9.00 a.m. to 3.30 pm
(Morning and afternoon care available)


Valencia Montessori School


Outdoor learning transforms us.

Connecting with nature and discovering new skills, attitudes, knowledge and behaviors through direct engagement with the environment awakens in us a perspective that enriches our learning for life.

Inspired by the Forest schools, we follow in their footsteps in our 4-day campus that will take place from April 11 to 14.

Through activities and projects in which we will build shelters, cook and mold our own crockery, learn to make fire, hike routes full of adventure, climb, orienteering, etc., all in a safe and supportive environment to improve social skills, appreciate and value difference, and foster meaningful relationships that promote tolerance, respect and kindness.

Let's take steps that allow us to connect and get closer to our love for Mother Earth.

  • 0-3 years old (open only VMS learners): 160 €.

    3-6 years old: 190 € (VMS learners: 180 €)

    6-12 years old: 190 € (VMS learners: 180 €)

    Morning or Afternoon care: 25 € Morning & Afternoon care: 40 €