Our VMS Internship Experience


We are Nanne and Daphne from the Netherlands. For the past three months, we had our international internship here at Valencia Montessori School.

We are studying to become teacher assistants in the Netherlands at Graafschap College. This is a three-year study, and we are in our final year. When we return to school, we hope to graduate with an academic degree as a teaching assistant.

It was quite new for both of us because it was our first time being abroad for such a long time and living without our parents. It was an experience to balance working forty hours a week, managing the household in our apartments, and still doing fun things.

Because we are from the Netherlands, we didn’t speak or understand any Spanish at the beginning. But Spanish is a commonly spoken language here we picked up a lot of new words.

We had our first day on September 7th. Our first impression of the school was that it was small but had a calming atmosphere.

On firsthand we didn’t have any experience in Montessori education. We were surprised by how it affected the students in a way that they were more responsible and showed more respect to each other.

During the internship, we contributed to educational tasks through English classes for children from 3 to six years old and functions related to supporting children from 18 months to 12 years old in curricular activities such as English reinforcement, playground, and Physical education activities.

Looking back, we had a joyful and exciting time.

It was an interesting experience to work with the entire team than staying in one classroom. Because of this, we got to speak and work with everybody.

We had a great time during the internship. Thank you so much for having us at Valencia Montessori school.


Nanne Grevers and Daphne van Gemert


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