It’s finally here, SUMMER!

We are back!

While this year has started off quite bumpy to say the least, we have come to that time of the year full of sunshine, sunblock, and the great outdoors.

This summer, we decided to do something different and move our summer camp program to our good friend’s sports center, Polideportivo Ricardo Ten in Benimamet.  We want our children to be able to enjoy various activities daily such as swimming, water polo, football, interpretive dance, and yoga.  This will also be a great opportunity for students to use English during the summer without having to study!

Why a sports centered camp? 

‘Watching a child makes it obvious that he learns through movement.’

Marie Montessori in her methodology of the ‘whole child’ recognized the importance of children being active and that of physical activities.  To embrace this mind-body concept, the program is rich in various physical (and nonphysical) activities for children aged 3 to 12 can enjoy.

Instilling a slew of values such as fairness, team-building, equality, respect, and discipline, sports contribute to children developing the skills that are required in order to be a responsible global citizen.  Sports is a powerful tool to teach everyone how to be a driver for social change and personal growth, all through teamwork

As well as these building blocks, sports are key to physical development.  By playing sports such as handball, hand-eye coordination is improved, swimming helps stimulate both sides of the brain, running provides stability and balance, yoga gives children the ability to focus and control emotions.  A non-competitive atmosphere is created to boost self-confidence and good sportsmanship.  Sports and physical activity ‘challenge us to acquire a new skill and that this feeling of enhancing our abilities is the real source of delight in the game’ according to Maria Montessori.

Most importantly, active children are happier, healthier children.

We’ll kick off summer and the camp on June 22nd and the fun will end on July 17th. Meet up time in the morning is at 8:45 am; children will be accompanied from Valencia Montessori School by bus to Polideportivo Ricardo Ten in Benimamet.  From there, they will get suited up for the first activity of the day.  They will be divided into small groups according to age and their familiarity and comfortableness in with the activity.  After a day of fun, we will return to the school for pick up at 15:30 pm

A healthy, organic lunch is included in the program.  The menu is being designed by the one and only Juan Llorca.  We respect children’s choices of vegan or vegetarian diets, and of course we will be vigilant when it comes to food allergies.

Ruben Ramírez, our very own Elementary Sports Coordinator will be with the children all day.  Ruben has his degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, is a coach of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), and a swimming coach of the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEN). He has been coordinator of the PE department, physical trainer in ALL STARS VALENCIA, physical trainer, and coach in the Víctor Claver Academy and in the Ferragut Marine Academy, and PE Specialist in Primary in VMS.  He will be joined by other VMS team members to ensure a Montessori environment and routine is being carried out with the children.

We have a summer camp programmed for children aged 18 months to 3 years, however it is open to current VMS families only.  Please contact us for more details.

This year’s VMS Summer Camp is designed for children 3 to 12 years of age. Families can choose between a 3- or 4-week program.  The camp begins on June 22nd and will run until July 17th.  It is Monday through Friday 8:45 to 15:30, drop-offs and pick-ups at Valencia Montessori School.  Transport and lunch are included in the price.  Check out the program here.  Call us at 960 729 708 or send us an email

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