Not your average After School Program.

This year we have decided to do things differently!  We have redesigned the activities and created age groups so the children can have more fun!   
Throughout the year we will have special events such as concerts, exhibitions, and matches.

During the first week of September, we will offer an ‘open doors’ day for children to explore the activities.  Details of the events will be communicated at a later date. 

Get 50% off the month of September.

Register before July 20th and get your early bird discount!

Children being involved in after school activities is highly beneficial, not just to them, but to the family and community. Socializing is a crucial component to teamwork, helping youth understand and practice respect and positive encouragement. Judo, for example, is a well-rounded activity that enforces all of these points. Camaraderie is a critical aspect to any sport or activity that leads to confidence and security. Leaders are born when children feel confident in themselves and their environment.

Academic performance is boosted, risky behaviors and ‘trouble-making’ is greatly reduced through after school programs.  Furthermore, they provide a safe, structured environment to nurture the whole child. Of course, physical health is encouraged and sustained through sports. Children develop healthy active habits by participating in physical activity such as swimming. Paired with nutritious meals (like the ones our kitchen prepares with love daily) and good eating habits, a base for a healthy lifestyle is created.

Enrich growing and learning environments by participating in one or more of our offered activities.  Children learn to express themselves through art and movement in dance or drama.  Problem-solving skills are developed in challenging thinking exercising such as constructing paper shapes in arquilecturas.  Passions and motor skills are fine-tuned in soccer.

Join us every afternoon in one of our various activities monitored by world-class professionals familiar with our Montessori principals.

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