School services

School Bus Service
The School gives great importance to the service of the transport company that is contracted. Autocares Poveda works closely with us to offer a quality service and guarantee. In all the routes that carry out the buses of the School one of our team is in charge of attending the students in case there is any incident during the trip.

Bus Service Fee:
To School Only (9.00 AM): 110,00 €
From School Only (5.00 PM): 110,00 €
Round Trip: 171,00 €

Library Programme

The school has a specific Library Programme children are very welcome every day as well as the parents to come and borrow books for their children or for themselves and learn further about education and Montessori approach. Please contact us for more information.

Psychology and Orientation Service

This service is aimed at students from both the school and from outside who present some difficulty in their functional, cognitive, learning, psychomotor, family, social or emotional development. This service is also designed for families who need guidance in their educational role at home. Please contact us for more information.

Guide me

Workshops for families involved in VMS who wish to deepen the knowledge of their child, Montessori pedagogy aims towards the respect and understanding during the development of your child.

A space to build a community of families committed and open to know and share the essence of our school.

Free Registration. Please send an email if you are interested in attending (space constraints may apply).